Producing backups is a function that is offered by most web hosting providers on the market. That's a rather handy function as it is a guarantee that you won't lose critical info in case something happens with your Internet sites and there are plenty of possible reasons for that - somebody getting access to your account, deleting content accidentally, carrying out an unsuccessful update of a script-driven app, and so forth. Provided that you have a backup, the damage in any one of these scenarios is undoable, but you'll need to take action fast due to the fact that most companies keep only 1 backup a day and each new one removes the previous one, so a delay of two days means losing everything. Our innovative backup system was created with the idea to avoid this sort of cases and it'll allow you to choose what content to restore and from which date given that you'll have a lot of backups to pick from.

Browsable Daily Backups in Website Hosting

When you purchase one of our website hosting plans, we will keep backups of your whole information four times per day, so if anything needs to be restored, you can use the newest copy, which means no loss of data or minimal harm in case that you have added information after the last backup was created. You will also be able to look through all backups going a week back via the File Manager section of your CP, thus you could quickly find and restore the files you need from the exact time that you require. The restoration is as easy as copying a file or a folder from one location to another, thus no special skills are needed. For security reasons all backup files are read-only to ensure that content cannot be erased from them by mistake. With this platform you'll never have to stress about the integrity of your information no matter what as we shall always have at least a few copies that you shall always be able to browse from inside your Control Panel.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

All backups which we'll create in the event that you have a semi-dedicated server account from our company could be accessed as conventional folders within the File Manager of the Hepsia Control Panel and they are generated four times each day, therefore we are at least two steps ahead of our competitors. The backups are saved for seven days and you'll be able to restore one particular file, a folder or an entire site by copying it from the backup directory to the www directory in which your live content is. All backups feature a timestamp that'll inform you when they were created, so that you could use the one you need or even get various files from different backups. For security reasons, all backup directories that you are able to check out are in read-only mode to make sure that they cannot be erased by mistake. In this way we will always have many copies of your content and you will always be able to look at any of them as if you're browsing a conventional folder inside your semi-dedicated account.